Introducing LiveFire

Exodus Intelligence is excited to announce a new service offering developed via a partnership with Syndis, an Icelandic information security think-tank based in Reykjavik.

Here at Exodus, we focus exclusively on developing sophisticated zero-day exploits that mimic the characteristics of real-world advanced attackers. By partnering with Syndis, we are able to put these tools in the hands of their seasoned team of security professionals, thereby allowing our joint customers to experience what it would be like to be targeted by a well-equipped adversary. Departing from the check-box security mentality and entering engagements as if they were actual attacks conducted by operators with sophisticated zero-day vulnerabilities results in metrics that enable our clients to empirically analyze and improve their defensive methodologies.

A LiveFire exercise is unlike any other service offering on the market; we’ve studied high-profile breaches and analyzed the tactics of today’s most capable adversaries to ensure that the experience we deliver is on-par, and even above, what a high-value target must be prepared to withstand.


LiveFire: This is not a drill.



You can read the full press release here (PDF).