Exodus Intelligence May 2016 Newsletter

Threat intelligence

Read this newsletter to see what the month of May brought for Exodus Intelligence: a new training course is open for registration, new capabilities, a blog on how waiting for a patch can cost you the business, and new Twitter-handle updates. It’s all here, in the Exodus Intelligence May 2016 newsletter! 

Vulnerability Development Master Class

Exodus Intelligence 2016 training course open for registration

Our flagship course–the Vulnerability Development Master Class–returns with new content, taught by recognized experts. This 5-day course is designed to elevate each participant’s skill set in vulnerability discovery and exploitation from novice to expert. Learn more and register, here.

New capabilities


Exodus now supports delivery of our zero-day vulnerability updates using STIX/TAXII. If you are interested in receiving updates to our discovered zero-day vulns via TAXII, contact info@exodusintel.com.

Don’t wait for a patch

Proactive vs. Reactive

vulnWaiting for a patch can cost you the business. When advanced threat actors are aware of an unpatched vulnerability and you are not, actors have free reign of your resources. Don’t wait for a patch. At Exodus Intelligence, we scour through common applications used in the enterprise. We find zero-day vulnerabilities so you can detect and stop the most advanced threats before you need to patch.

In today’s threat landscape, you have to be proactive. We inform our clients of critical threats months—often, even years—before the public (and attackers) catch wind of the vulnerability. In order to keep our clients’ critical information safe, we utilize a proactive method, composed of 5-steps. Learn more in this blog post.

Twitter handle update


Exodus Intelligence has a new Twitter handle dedicated to research: @XI_Research. Follow this handle for strictly research news, and follow @ExodusIntel for Exodus and threat intelligence news. Follow both for the most up-to-date information.


Exodus is currently accepting applications for Zero-day and N-day researchers, as well as qualified candidates for our 2016 Internship program hosted at our headquarters in Austin, Texas.