Don’t wait for a patch

vulnWaiting for a patch can cost you the business. When advanced threat actors are aware of an unpatched vulnerability and you are not, actors have free reign of your resources. Don’t wait for a patch. At Exodus Intelligence, we scour through common applications used in the enterprise. We find zero-day vulnerabilities so you can detect and stop the most advanced threats before you need to patch.

In today’s threat landscape, you have to be proactive. We inform our clients of critical threats months—often, even years—before the public (and attackers) catch wind of the vulnerability. In order to keep our clients’ critical information safe, we utilize a proactive method, composed of 5-steps:

  1. Discover
  2. Analyze
  3. Exploit
  4. Document
  5. Distribute


The Exodus team discovers a zero-day vulnerability in our lab.

The vulnerability is analyzed to determine whether or not it is critical enough to warrant notifying our clients.

The team employs exclusive in-house techniques to create a working exploit tool for the vulnerability.

A thorough report is created that documents every relevant aspect of the threat.

The report and accompanying materials are securely distributed to clients via the Exodus web portal.

Now, our clients are well-informed of the vulnerability. So, what happens next?


Up to 2-years later—the zero-day becomes known. At that point, the vulnerability is publicized due to the release of a vendor patch or the detection of an in-the-wild attack abusing the zero-day vulnerabilityflaw—our clients: Already well aware, and prepared.

Then, those that are responsible for implementing defensive measures must prioritize how to address the multiple vulnerabilities that are frequently patched in one release. Attackers also prioritize which flaws are ideal for exploitation.

After prioritization, the race begins. Both malicious actors—and those working to defend—begin sprinting to develop and deploy a working solution. The problem is, only one of these groups is constrained by a traditional work schedule. Hint: It’s not the good guys.

Don’t wait for a patch. Be prepared before the vulnerability is made public. Be proactive—not reactive.

Contact us for an overview of our capabilities and examples of how they have been utilized by our clients. Follow our research team on Twitter @XI_Research, and our news handle @ExodusIntel.