White House issues call to action in light of new intelligence on Russian cyberthreat

The Biden administration renewed calls Monday for the private sector to address known vulnerabilities and shore up cyberdefenses in light of a looming possibility of a cyberattack from Russia on U.S. infrastructure. “The most troubling piece,” Anne Neubeger, the White House’s deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology, said, is that “we continue to see known vulnerabilities for which we have patches available” used by cyberattackers to compromise U.S. companies. The administration has repeatedly warned the critical infrastructure sector about the potential for Russia to engage in malicious cyber activity against the United States in response to the recently imposed economic sanctions.

Exodus Intelligence is answering the call

In response to the renewed calls for the private sector to address known vulnerabilities, Exodus Intelligence is offering their N-Day vulnerability subscription for FREE from April 1st through July 1st.

The N-Day Vulnerability subscription provides customers with intelligence about critically exploitable, publicly disclosed vulnerabilities on widely used software, hardware, embedded devices, and industrial control systems.  Every vulnerability is analyzed, documented, and enriched with high-impact intelligence derived by some of the best reverse engineers in the world. At times, vendor patches fail to properly secure the underlying vulnerability.  Exodus Intelligence’s proprietary research enhances patch management efforts. Subscribed customers have access to an arsenal of more than 1200 vulnerability intelligence packages to ensure defensive measures are properly implemented.

For those that are concerned about Zero-day vulnerabilities, Exodus is also offering the benefit of our Zero-day vulnerability subscription for up to 50% off for new registrations from April 1st through July 1st. Exodus’ Zero-day Subscription provides customers with critically exploitable vulnerability reports, unknown to the public, affecting widely used and relied upon software, hardware, embedded devices, and industrial control systems. Customers will gain access to a proprietary library of over 200 Zero-day vulnerability reports in addition to proof of concept exploits and highly enriched vulnerability intelligence packages. These Zero-day Vulnerability Intelligence packages, unavailable anywhere else, enable customers to reduce their mean time to detect and mitigate critically exploitable vulnerabilities.

These offerings are available to the United States (and allied countries) Private and Public Sectors to gain the immediate benefit of advanced vulnerability analysis, mitigation guidance/signatures, and proof-of-concepts to test against current defenses.

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