SolarWinds Serv-u File Server Command Injection Vulnerability


The Serv-U File Server supports site specific commands which may not be universally supported by all FTP clients. Among these is the SITE EXEC command which allows a user to execute programs and scripts remotely, if the execute permission is present on the folder where a given program / script resides. A command injection vulnerability exists in this functionality due to improper sanitization of user-supplied parameters provided to the ShellExecuteExW routine. Successful exploitation results in arbitrary command execution under the context of the file server.

Vulnerability Identifiers

  • Exodus Intelligence: EIP-d3400c52
  • MITRE CVE: CVE-2021-35223

Vulnerability Metrics

  • CVSSv2 Score: 9.4

Vendor References

Discovery Credit

  • Exodus Intelligence

Disclosure Timeline

  • Disclosed to affected vendor: May 14th, 2021
  • Disclosed to public: September 24th, 2021

Further Information

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