Get visibility into Zero-Day data

Exodus is excited to formally announce a strategic partnership with Kenna Security —a pioneer and leader in vulnerability management and risk assessment. The Kenna platform provides enterprises with a powerful view into their vulnerability profile, collected from vulnerability scanning tools, such as Qualys and Rapid7, and is further augmented by intelligence feeds.

Exodus is working with Kenna to integrate our Zero-Day metadata into their available intelligence feeds, enabling customers to understand whether their infrastructure supports applications with unpatched Zero-Day vulnerabilities. With this intelligence feed enabled, the Kenna platform will gain the advantage of Exodus’ detailed knowledge of unpatched vulnerabilities and utilize it to inform the customer’s risk profile.

Within the Kenna platform, identified applications that are susceptible to Exodus’ Zero-Day vulnerabilities will be displayed in their primary dashboard (as shown below), making it easy for users to realize that they are susceptible. For customers that contain Zero-Day vulnerabilities on their network, detailed reports, network traffic, and mitigation guidance will be available for purchase directly from Exodus.

kenna shot

Learn more about this strategic partnership: “Unparalleled visibility into Zero-Day data with Exodus Intelligence and Kenna Security.” You can contact Exodus Intelligence at