Exodus Intelligence Represented at NITEC2016

natoJune 7-9, 2016, over 500 industry representatives met in Tallinn, Estonia to hear from top NATO officials to discuss key strategic challenges for NATO IT and to usher NATO-Industry cooperation forward; including, in the cyber domain. Ted Ross, Exodus Intelligence, CEO, participated in the NATO/NCIA Industry Executive Discussions that took place.

Speaking at both the business dinner and the NICP panel, Ted represented Industry innovation and specifically, how NATO can adjust to encourage and adopt new innovation more efficiently.

Introducing the third topic during the business discussion with Industry, and then conveying the recommendations the next day in a panel (with all NITEC participants in the audience), it was clear that the topic of innovation was of heavy interest.

Key Messages
It is clear that NATO clearly understands the importance of innovation in the cyber domain. Defending against cyber threats certainly stands as one of the highest priorities of the Alliance.  At the Wales Summit, the Heads of States and Governments Allies declared that “as the Alliance looks to the future, cyber threats and attacks will continue to become more common, sophisticated, and potentially damaging” and that “cyber attacks can reach a threshold that threatens national and Euro-Atlantic prosperity, security, and stability.”

One of the key messages of the Summit Declaration on cyber defense was the significance of technological innovations in enabling the Alliance to defend against global cyber threats. The Business Executives roundtables also highlighted that the need for innovative solutions and approaches in defending against the cyber threats is not only a priority, but one needing urgent results.

Exodus Intelligence is pleased to be a key part in influencing NATO in the right direction.